Insider's Club

In order to maximize the earning potential of our member agents, we have started a new initiative called the Insider's Club. Effectively, the members can earn additional commissions for referring interested parties to a list of products and services provided by the Club through a quarterly menu (the menu). The Club members do not sell the products or services, only refer the interested parties. In doing so, the members earn a commission from the product supplier of between 10 and 25% depending on the cost and type of product or service. While, only just recently launched, the Club has signed up 35 companies interested in utilizing our network and we are on course to sign up another 50 by the end of the year. Recently Starwood Hotels Latin America, Omni International Jets and Ardell Yacht and Ship Sales, among others have joined our team. We are confident that we can add new companies at the rate of at least 25 per month. The commission earned by the agents are to be split 50/50 between the agent and the Insider's Club. We believe that there is no reason that the menu cannot eventually have over a 1,000 products from a wide gauntlet of service providers.

On a conservative estimation of 5 real estate agents per brokerage, product suppliers can tap into a potential international referring network in excess of 1,100 agents. As the WIRL Broker network continues to grow, so shall the size of the referring network. We believe that this is a business model that can be exported around the world. Utilizing the regional real estate firms as the basis of the distribution network, the formula can be applied to Asia, Australia and Europe. Whether we decide to franchise or develop the international capabilities of the business model will depend on the available resources at the time of expansion and the revenue streams to be realized at the time of development.

Even though our initial approach to our Broker network did not include any real estate companies outside of our network, we have received a number of requests from agents from as far away as California asking to join the Club. In these difficult financial times, the Club allows the Agents an additional income stream without risk or cost.