Whitten Realty TV

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Whitten Realty Television network. Marketed under the name of whittenrealtytv (www.whittenrealtytv.com) , the new service will create a television network to promote the real estate services, products and inventory of our associated Brokers and any interested Caribbean, Central and South American Hotels. The network will webcast on a proprietary site accessible via traditional televisions that are web enabled or just plain internet accessible in addition to traditional web accessible computers.

Our software allows for url addresses to be converted into simple numbers that are accessible on televisions as a corresponding channel. In this manner, whittenrealtytv acts as a dedicated real estate and hotel network on which any numberof channels are accessible.

By the end of 2011, 50 million television sets will be enabled for the internet and by 2014, 250 million sets. Apple Corp and

Google, only recently, introduced their new web accessible television sets.

Our network has the capability to enable each broker and hotel on our site to have their own channel where they can, depending on their ability and creativity, stream property videos, virtual tours, service and information programs and sell advertising space. Why have static pictures when you can have full video tours highlighting your facilities, staff, properties and amenities. Additionally, as it is a dedicated channel, the owner will be able to share the costs with associated service providers such as a builder showcasing plumbers, carpenters, etc.

We foresee a 500 channel network accessible through and by WIRL. We believe it can be the site for any potential client or customer wherever they are in the world looking for property, either to buy or rent, or hotel to stay in throughout the Caribbean, Central and South America.

Our use of CNT type technology ensures that our costs remain low while channel income from the Brokers and Hotels should be substantial. Brokers and Hotels will be able to have a dedicated channel on the whittenrealtytv network for an annual cost of less than 5% of what it costs for a one off one page spread in a major publication. Please join us in discovering this exciting new service!